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We live here. We love it here. There’s no place we’d rather be. The sunshine is abundant and the beaches award-winning. Tampa Bay is framed against Florida’s shimmering Gulf Coast, and its residential community is unique for its proximity to tourist attractions and transportation.

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My name is Savitre Geeratisoontorn, and due to Tom and Tracy Byrnes’ diligence, care, and hard work, I was able to reach my dream of owning my first home. I am grateful that the Byrnes were introduced to me as family friends, and for the months that followed, we built a much stronger bond. I was in constant contact with both of them for the full six months it took me to find the perfect house, and the three months afterwards it took to close on that same house. Those nine months had their ups and downs. Although I grew discouraged, I could always call them to discuss the next step in the plan, and be sure to receive words of encouragement from their end. They motivated me to move forward when the right house just wasn’t discovered yet, and supported me when I decided I found one that may have fit my needs. I couldn’t predict when closing day would come, and when it did, both Tom and Tracy were there for me for that special moment. Almost three months later, I look back upon the whole experience and realize it wouldn’t have gone as well were it not for their expertise in the real estate industry, their persistence in following through with the procedures and paperwork, and their positive attitudes throughout the whole journey. By chance, I met them through my mom, but I am glad to have been able to work with them, and each day that I wake up in my beautiful home, I’m reminded of the people who helped me make it mine. Thank you, Tom and Tracy!
- Savitre Geeratisoontorn