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Tom & Tracy Byrnes

Tom Byrnes

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Licensed since 1991, one of Tom’s strengths as a real estate representative is his in-depth local knowledge and the superb business relationships he has earned with industry professionals. Tom’s construction experience also gives his clients a unique advantage. Both buyers and sellers benefit from his trained eye and perspective of what constitutes cosmetic versus the more expensive structural and system repairs.

Tom has worked with residential and commercial properties his entire life. He is a wealth of information about Florida’s boating, fishing and waterfront lifestyle. Tom is also fully conversant in all the interconnecting market segments from short sales to luxury homes. He believes that “Everyone is different just like every house…” and that customer service is based on what makes the individual client the happiest.

Tracy Byrnes

Tracy Byrnes

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A mortgage broker for almost twenty years, Tracy is referred to as the “neighborhood broker” because of her reputation for integrity and for being a consistently available resource for homebuyers. Her company is founded on the core components of approachability, communication, and honesty. Born and raised in Florida, Tracy knows the intricacies of the mortgage market as well as she knows the history of Tampa Bay.

There are many options in financing, but determining the right loan product and the right mix of all the variables is the key to the mortgagor’s success. Brokering loans takes insight and creativity and the understanding that educating the client on every aspect will give them confidence and an eyes-wide-open understanding of their commitment. This is a custom page that can be used to list all of your agents and their information.